Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hey Everyone

Been an exciting couple of weeks since our last post. Two very important events have happened in our lives! First, the sequel to Transformers came out on June 24th, and second, we finally found a house!

These are such important events that they each desire their own post!!!

So growing up there was only one thing toy/TV show/etc. that I enjoyed over all the others...Transformers. Optimus Prime is pretty much my hero. Never one to miss the episodes on TV, I was extremely excited to see the animated movie that was released in 1986. I went with my father, my uncle, and my cousin. At the time Richard and I were about 3-4 years old but to this day we can recall the event. Imagine our excitement when about 20 years later we learn that they were filming a live action version of the Transformers.

Flashback to 2007. There was a pre release viewing on the first live action movie in Hartford, CT about two days before the actual theatrical release...I'll leave a few details fuzzy at this point in order to not incriminate any of the involved parties...but again...myself, my father, Uncle Rick, and Richard attended the opening of the movie. It was more than we could have ever hoped and dreamed it would be. We had expectations of the movie, but it far surpassed what we could have wanted. The movie went on to break all sorts of box office records.

Circa 2009, the sequel. June 24th comes around and my excitement is mounting. I'm a little put off by all the reviews I'm reading, but what the heck, these reviewers are reviewing the movie as if it's an Oscar contender. I understand the point of the movie (action, explosions, etc.) and am not as critical as that wily mustachioed Gene Shalit. That night, Me, my father, Uncle Rick, and Richard see the movie. Upon seeing the movie however, I knew my concerns were unmerited. It was every bit as exciting as the first. Other people shared my enthusiasm as it made $55 million dollars! in the first night it was out.

Looks like the Transformers franchise is 3 for 3 thus far. I have a group with three other people who haven't missed the opening of these movies in the last 23 years. It's an awesome experience, one that makes you miss your childhood and look forward to the future when you get to leave the real world for 2 1/2 hours at a time and enjoy some good old fashioned action on the big screen.

I highly suggest you all see the movie. It's an experience that will stick with me forever.