Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Hey everyone,

It's been a very long time since our last post. We have a lot of fun and exciting things to fill you all in on. The summer months are always much nicer to be a part of. You have baseball, foliage, BBQ's, and just warmer weather. We've been starting to get outside and enjoy the warmth with some activities that don't involve work. We've been attending some of our cousin's baseball/soccer games, Men's softball started, and the Yankees have actually been on a winning streak!

So Marli and I have three little cousins on my father's side. Jillian being the oldest at 10, then Jack and Madison, the twins, are 9. Each weekend they have what seems like back to back to back games. Jack is playing baseball and soccer right now so sometimes he finishes one game, switches uniforms, then heads to the other diamond/field.

Marli and I went to their games this last saturday. The first game was at 10 and the last game go over at 6:30. Jack had a soccer and a baseball game and Jillian and Madison had Soccer games. They all played great. Jack had two assists in his soccer game and a nice hit in his baseball game. Madison scored a goal in her game and Jillian had a super play that lead to her team scoring and winning the game! The kids did great, although by the end of the day you could see how tired they were. They were all very cranky and probably went to bed as soon as all the games were over. I know Marli and I did! Take a look at the picture at the top. That's Jack's first time playing catcher!

Men's league softball also started for me! My father's company (LAC Associates) sponsors a team that myself and a bunch of my buddies play on during the summer months. It's the Stratford town league that's sanctioned by the ASA and it's pretty competitive. Last year we sent 6 teams to sectionals, 3 to the state tournament, and 1 to the national tournament. Not bad for a 13 team league sitting in Fairfield County. We're improving every game. Right now we're sitting at 3-4 after just playing a grueling 5 game stretch against the top 5 teams in the league. We should be able to win the remaining games we have and gain momentum going into the town playoffs and sectionals. The best part about the league is that whoever makes the last batted out in the previous game has to buy the beer, so no matter if we win or lose, we at least get to smash some beers in the parking lot after.

Oh and best yet. The Yankees are sitting 1 game ahead in the AL East for the first time since like 2006. It's about time considering they spent $400 million this offseason. Let's hope they at least play some october baseball this year!

That's all I have for now. We'll see you soon!